Work Experience and Electives

C4TS offers work experience and research project opportunities for:

  • Undergraduate and graduate-entry medical students from QMUL. Trauma is integrated into the undergraduate curriculum at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry (SMD). Final year medical students who are in, or about to enter, their final year of study (MBBS course or equivalent) can apply for an elective placement lasting up to eight weeks;
  • Visiting clinical research fellows from the UK and abroad;
  • UK high school students.

Successful applicants benefit from the supervision of world renowned researchers and clinicians, hands on experience of Europe’s busiest major trauma centre (at the Royal London Hospital), and access to the Blizard Institute’s state of the art laboratory facilities. 

Below are examples of previous medical student projects:

‘Mild, moderate or severe lung injury after trauma: what are the early predictors?’. Click here to view the poster that was presented at the London Trauma Conference 2014.

‘Venous thromboembolic events after traumatic injury are associated with early changes to the fibrinolytic system’. Click here to view the poster presented at the European Shock Society Congress 2015 in Cologne.

'Early Severe Lymphopenia in Critically Ill Emergency Surgical Patients is Associated with Disease Severity and Outcome'.  Click here to view the poster presented at the European Shock Society Congress 2015 in Cologne.

‘The spectrum of fibrinolysis in trauma: The use of ROTEM in the diagnosis of Hyperfibrinolysis, Physiological Lysis and Fibrinolytic Shutdown and Administration of Tranexamic Acid’ (This was a Student Selected Component (SSC) Project: during their 4th year, SMD students are required to select a topic on which they write a 6-8,000 word dissertation.)

Below are examples of projects completed by visiting clinical research fellows:

‘Comparison of the predictive performance of the BIG, TRISS, and PS09 score in an adult trauma population derived from multiple international trauma registries’. Click here to read the results published in Critical Care, 2013.

‘Thromboelastometry and organ failure in trauma patients: a prospective cohort study’. Click here to read the results published in Critical Care, 2014.

‘Haemoglobin level and neurologic outcome in patients with severe traumatic brain injury’.

High school students

UK school students considering a career in emergency medicine and/or biomedical research can benefit from short placements where they are able to shadow RLH physicians and observe scientists at work.  Individual students and schools are welcome to contact us, although placements are limited and need to be organised minimum 3 months in advance.

How do I apply?

In the first instance, please contact Claire Rourke, Clinical Trials Coordinator or Ross Davenport, Clinical Academic Lecturer.  They will be able to discuss your interests and current opportunities.



C4TS work placement

A former student talks about his work placement experience at C4TS

A research fellow's experience

Tiziana from Milan University talks about her experience as a research fellow at C4TS

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