Nicole Skeltys

Communications Officer

I am lucky enough to be the Communications Officer for C4TS.  My job is very diverse, and includes: managing our two websites (this one and our website for recovering trauma patients AfterTrauma), communicating C4TS work and achievements to internal and external stakeholders including the media, coordinating patient input into the Centre’s research as part of our PPI strategy, developing events that raise the Centre’s profile, including fundraising events, and providing general administrative support to staff.  

One of my newest responsibilities is to oversight the development of an interactive app to support trauma survivors develop and manage recovery plans and goals.  Working closely with trauma survivors and clinicians is very inspiring!

I have done a wide range of things in my career, including many years in the Australian entertainment industry as a successful producer and performer of electronica.  More info about my background can be found on my Linked In profile.

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