Barts Centre for Trauma Sciences is a hub of excellence for translational trauma research and education.

Our trauma research spans the globe and targets areas of highest clinical need.

We are supported by UK and international research funding bodies.

C4TS is a world-leading Centre of excellence for translational research at Barts and the London School of Medicine & Dentistry (SMD), Queen Mary University of London. The centre focuses on the immediate post-injury phase, with research into the pathophysiology of injury and a pathway to ensure the translation of research into practice and into policy. World class research is coupled with international education and dissemination programmes to improve care and outcomes of trauma patients worldwide.

Our primary clinical partner is the Royal London Hospital Major Trauma Centre.


Traumatic injury is caused by various forces from outside of the body, which can either be blunt or penetrating (sharp). Blunt trauma includes falls, road traffic crashes; crush injuries, assaults (punches, kicks) and burns. Penetrating trauma involves shooting, stabbing or falling onto a sharp object (known as impalement).

Traumatic injury is the leading cause of death for people aged under 44 in the UK

Over 17,000 people in the UK die from traumatic injury every year

For every trauma fatality, between three and four patients survive with a serious or permanent disability

Many people that experience a physical trauma also experience psychological and emotional difficulties which can sometimes be long lasting.

C4TS Newsletter

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Latest News

Professor Brohi leads Royal London surgical response to London Bridge terror victims

Professor Brohi led the Royal London major trauma centre surgical response to the London Bridge terror attacks.

5th June 2017

C4TS lead Professor Brohi talks to The Times in wake of Manchester bombings

Founder and lead of the Centre for Trauma Sciences, Professor Karim Brohi, was today interviewed by The Times newspaper about blast injuries in the wake of the Manchester terrorist bombings on 22 May.

24th May 2017

NIHR call for your views on trauma research priorities

The NIHR is providing a unique opportunity for stakeholders to influence the direction of trauma research in the UK.

27th February 2017