The Centre for Trauma Sciences is home to clinicians, scientists and educators who deliver trauma-related care, education and research. 

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Research theme leads

The Centre for Trauma Sciences Lead; Bleeding and Coagulation, Outcome: Professor Karim Brohi

Organ Failure and Protection: Professor Chris Thiemermann

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury: Professor Adina Michael-Titus

Trauma Sciences and Orthopaedic MSc Leads

Professor Elaine Cole

Mr Kash Akhtar

Mr Pete Bates

Mr Chris Aylwin

Research Investigators

Professor Elaine Cole

Dr Ross Davenport

Dr Laura Green

Dr Jordi Lopez Tremoleda

Mr Zane Perkins

Col Nigel Tai

Mr Paul Vulliamy 

PhD Students 

Daniel Adegoke

Mike Carver

Charlotte Lindsay

Jason Pott

Ella Ykema

Fayez Alruqi 

Jennifer Ross

Andrea Rossetto

Rebecca Stoner

Anthony Thaventhiran

Jared Wohlgemut

Operational Staff

Krys Gunton MSc Administrator

Stavros Fotiadis - Operations Manager

Dr Jacqueline Rappoport Lecturer/ Academic and Pastoral Support 

Amy Swann MSc Administrator (P/T)



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