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Professor Brohi leads Royal London surgical response to London Bridge terror victims

June 5, 2017

Centre for Trauma Sciences (C4TS) lead Professor Karim Brohi co-ordinated the Royal London Hospital Major Trauma Centre's surgical response to the terror attacks in London Bridge on Saturday night.  The Royal London treated 12 victims from the attacks.

Talking to to The Times, Professor Brohi explained that the biggest challenge is determining "when someone needs emergency intervention but you haven't got long before you need that bed bay for someone else"

"Triage is a fundamental part of it - at the scene, at the front door of the hospital, at theatre. Who is sickest?  Who needs surgery?  Who can wait?"

Professor Brohi talks to The Times about the London Bridge terror attacks, 5 June 2017

He also noted that London benefited from having a major trauma network in place, which meant that appropriate specialised trauma care was delivered to victims within minutes of ambulance crews arriving, through to multidisciplinary hospital trauma teams best placed to provide life saving care.

He explained: "There are 27 major trauma centres around the country, and their reason for existing is exactly this". 

Professor Brohi and his research team were a driving force in setting up trauma networks across London and the UK from 2010.  More information here.

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