Dr Daphne  Van Emden

I am a general trauma surgeon from Rotterdam in The Netherlands. I attended medical school and did my surgical training and PhD at the Leiden University Medical Center and The Hague Medical Centre (Haags Medisch Centrum). Currently, I work as a trauma fellow in both the orthopaedic trauma and the general surgical trauma services at the Royal London Hospital. In The Netherlands, the responsibilities of a trauma surgeon includes fracture surgery as well as general trauma surgery. So, we would do a laparotomy and fix the broken bones of a trauma patient.

Before I came to London, I have worked and studied in several countries. I did an AO-trauma fellowship at the UCSF San Francisco General Hospital (USA), performed research at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (UK) and the University of Salamanca (Spain), and I have studied at the Karolinska Instituted in Stockholm (Sweden).

My research interests are:  hip fracture surgery (PhD ‘Facts and Fiction in Hip Fracture Surgery’) and pelvic fractures.

I am very excited to work in the Royal London Hospital, because of the great variety and large number of polytrauma patients with all sorts of injuries. This fellowship gives me the chance to work with great surgeons with large experience in the treatment of complex polytrauma patients.
I love operating trauma and I love talking about it almost as much! Therefore, I am delighted to join the Trauma MSc Faculty for the London Summer Session.


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