Complex multinutrient preparations for the management of SCI and TBI

After SCI and TBI, the secondary injury processes result in large scale disruption of the tissue, for example, in the case of SCI, formation of cavities in the cord. This compromises synaptic circuitry. We are pursuing therapeutic approaches that address specifically this aspect of the injury and support the patient in the long-term.

The restoration of circuitry post-neurotrauma has been explored using a variety of approaches, including use of cellular transplants or biomaterials, but despite encouraging data in experimental studies, there are no treatments which can be used at present in patients to support regeneration of damaged pathways.

We are working on novel strategies which could be used in the chronic phase of neurotrauma, to support the restoration of circuits damaged by injury. In particular, we are studying a specific multinutrient combination which contains all the essential substrates and precursors for the synthesis of synaptic membrane components. This preparation is available commercially and has been successfully used in clinical trials in dementia, to prevent neuritic dystrophy and the loss of synapses. Our results in models of SCI and TBI show a very clear potential for this type of preparation in the long-term management of these conditions.


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