The second pan-London Major Trauma System symposium took place at the Royal Geographical Society in South Kensington on 12 June, from 9.00 - 17.15


09.00 Welcome and overview Pan London Trauma System activity (Elaine Cole, Director of Research and Innovation, LMTS)

09.25 Where are we heading as a system? Governance and strategic plans (Karim Brohi, Clinical Director LMTS)

09.55 Information sharing to tackle violence – the London successes and future development (Tania Trapletti and Aleksander Knopp)

10:10 Imaging protocols for blunt and penetrating injuries (Elizabeth Dick, Consultant Radiologist)

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Acute rehab provision – how can the Rehab Prescription help you in a TU or MTC? (Natalie Marroney, Trauma Physiotherapist)

11.15 Managing behavioural issues in trauma (Anoushka Khorramian, Matron- Mental Health)

11.30 Traumatic amputations – what does rehab success look like? (Laura Burgess, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist)

11.45 Strategies for promoting trauma patient self-management (Fiona Jones, Professor Rehab Research; Karen Hoffman, Consultant Trauma Therapist)

12.00 Paediatric trauma: initial findings from the PELoTS study (Ceri Elbourne, PELoTS study Lead)

12:15 Pan London paediatric clinical guidelines (Kevin Enright, Chair Paediatric Specialty Group)

12.30 Lunch, poster viewing and judging, Badgernet demonstration

13.30 Does prehospital trauma triage predict patient outcome? (Henry Nnajiuba, Trauma Research Fellow)

13.45 Elderly trauma triage – can we identify severe injury in older patients? (Donna Peel and Harriet Tucker, ED Specialist Registrars)

14.00 Trauma unit coordination – what is it all about? (Chris Nkansah, TU Coordinator/Lead Nurse)

14.15 How do we best manage TBI in our TUs? (Mark Wilson, Consultant Neurosurgeon)

14.35 Educating the staff in our system: TALONS, TCAR and Silver Trauma (Chris Aylwin, Consultant Vascular and Trauma Surgeon; Hannah Kosuge, Trauma Ward Manager; Catherine Mainwaring, ED Specialist Regsitrar)

15.00 Tea

15.30 Whats new for trauma haemorrhage management? (Ross Davenport, Consultant Trauma Surgeon; Laura Green, Consultant Haematologist)

15.50 HEMS review 2017 (Gareth Grier, Clinical Lead Londons Air Ambulance)

16.10 Mass casualty events 2017 – lessons learned for the future (Simon Glasgow, Surgical Specialist Registrar)

16.30 Key note address. Sir Keith Porter: Citizen AID (Professor of Clinical Traumatology)

16.55 Poster prizes (Heather Jarman)

17.00 Symposium close

Poster prizes

The prize for best research poster was won by A. Hudson and O. Morgan for ‘Elderly Trauma Mortality: a single centre review’, with runner up ‘Clinician seniority correlation with CT request times: Implications for workforce management of Trauma Units’ (U. Karamchandani, S. Pascal, P. Baghla)


The prize for best innovation poster was won by M. Murali, L. Bolton, S. Bhatkal for ‘Management of Elderly Trauma at a London DGH: introduction of a Silver Trauma Pathway’, with runner up ‘A hospital-based youth-violence intervention programme benefitting both young people and clinicians: the Redthread model’ (L. Knell-Taylor, R. Astin-Chamberlain, J. Poyton, B. King, E. Sutherland,  T. Fitzgerald)


The Symposium was sponsored by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, London's Air Ambulance and Unite Professionals:



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