Trauma education and training programmes are hosted both locally and regionally across the system.

These web pages illustrate some of the courses and training available for staff working within the pan London Major Trauma System.

Complex Rehabilitation within Major Trauma 

February 2024 

Newcastle Hospitals Clinical Skills Academy ( 

This one is in Newcastle but may be relevant to our London colleagues too.

Trauma Care 26th Annual Conference 2024 

9th-14th March, 2024

Rehabilitation Day is 11th March.

PAN London Rehab Masterclass on Complex Polytrauma

18th April, 2024

Time: 17.00-18.30 

Traumatic Brain Injury Short Course (Hybrid) 

St George's University of London

12th June, 2024

Full Day Course

National Major Trauma Course: date TBC (will be in June – 2 days), venue Manchester (TBC re exact location)

*Please note that the TORCH and TALONS courses are now delivered via the London Trauma School website:

For more information about the TORCH course, please email 



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