Useful courses and training links for therapists working in major trauma:

Spinal Injuries Association

Management of Spinal Cord Injuries

Respiratory Information for SCI (conferences and training)

RNOH Stanmore 

St Georges ‘The Nuts and bolts of rehabilitation after external fixation’ Contact:

Vestibular training for therapists

Communication disabilities 

Self-management after Brain Injury

Trauma rehabilitation conference 

Queen Marys Hospital Roehampton amputation training

A 4 day course is usually run in the Spring – April/May, and a 2 day course is run in October.

The 4 day course. This comprehensive course is designed for therapists and nurses who are working with amputees on a regular basis. The course covers post-operative care,pain management, pre-prosthetic management, prosthetic considerations for all levels; aims of gait re-education and gait training. There are several practical sessions to assess and interact with amputees. There is the opportunity to participate in the full 4 days of the course or just selected individual days. Cost £400

The 2 day course. This course is designed for therapists and nurses as an introduction to the care of the lower limb amputee, predominantly the dysvascular/diabetic amputee. Areas covered will include: post-operative care, prosthetic considerations for each level; aims of gait re-education. There will be opportunities to interact with amputees. Cost £200. Contact:

Stress management and psychological care

There are many good courses available for personal stress management through websites such as Breathworks ; Headspace, Action for Happiness and Mindfulness UK


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