The Centre for Trauma Sciences offers a MSc Trauma Sciences (Military and Humanitarian) programme for postgraduate students interested in the Military and Humanitarian field. 

War is predicted to be the sixth leading cause of death with increasing pressures from pandemics, natural disasters and ongoing political turmoil.

Opportunities for the training of military trauma care specialists are extremely limited, and many defence agencies rely on the deployment situation as the primary training for their personnel. All countries, developed and developing, recognise the importance of trauma to their healthcare systems.

With global disasters, humanitarian crises and mass casualty events on the rise, the importance of specialist training to help the military in the management of these events is increasingly important.

The centre currently employs and supports Active Duty and Reservists in the UK military. If you are interested in learning more about the educational opportunities for military personnel and their spouses, please reach out to the Teaching Fellow, Jacqueline (Jack) Rappoport at



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