Trauma Lates (TLs) are monthly student led informal evenings of education, debate & networking. These forums are organised by the TSCIPP programme in conjunction with the Centre for Trauma Sciences.

Each Trauma Late tackles a different trauma related topic and consists of short talks and presentations from academics, researchers, patients and TSCIPP students as well as Q&A sessions.

Anyone with a medical background is welcome to attend and the event is free as always. To find out more about our upcoming events or to sign up as an attendee, please scroll down this page.

For medical students at Barts and The London, attendance at 'Trauma Lates' is part of the application process for the TSCIPP SSC Programme. If you do have acceptable extenuating circumstances that mean you can't attend, please email in advance to let us know of your absence and we will try our best to accommodate this during the application process.

Please note: Students should be ready to present student IDs if required. Professionals are asked to have their professional ID ready if required.


We will be covering the basics of trauma, as well as introducing trauma research and surgery. We will also be covering public health in trauma.

If you are interested in applying to our SSC program, we strongly encourage you to attend all Trauma Lates.

Please sign up using the following link:



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