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The 2023 TeTRIS Study

TETRIS, a national audit of trauma thoracotomy is launching soon across all pre-hospital critical services who deliver thoracotomy and MTCs nationally. Collaborative effort with NaTRIC, PHOTON, TERN and NHRAF.

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The 2023 NaTRIC study

Publications around the VISTA study can be access Here 

 A multi-centre prospective audit investigating the incidence, contemporary management and outcomes of vascular trauma in the UK.

What is the Vascular System? Blood is carried around the body in arteries and veins. Arteries carry blood away from the heart and veins return blood to the heart. The body has approximately 5L of blood and when the body loses blood, this has a significant effect on the organs and can cause death.

What is Vascular Trauma? Vascular trauma describes an injury to one or more of the arteries or veins inside the body. These injuries are most commonly caused by car accidents, assaults and falls.

What is VISTA? The Vascular Interventions and Surgery in Trauma Audit (VISTA) is a national project looking to understand where vascular trauma occurs in the UK, how it is managed by doctors and what happens to patients who sustain the injury. The team who are running the VISTA project are doctors who are in training to be vascular surgeons supervised by consultant vascular and trauma surgeons.

When is VISTA Happening? The project ran in all Major Trauma Centres across the UK from March/April to September/October 2022.

Why are we doing VISTA? Traumatic or physical injuries are the most common cause of death for people under the age of 40. In this age group, it is the cause for nearly half of the deaths in men, and a third of the deaths in women.

Many people with a vascular injury die and for those who survive, they have long hospital stays and take a long time to recover. Many people lose one or more limbs due to their injury.

As doctors, we do not have any guidelines to help us treat people with traumatic vascular injuries. We will collect information on patients with vascular injury throughout their hospital journey. The information we collect is already collected as part of the medical notes and will be protected so that patients cannot be identified. The care that they receive will not be different from the care received if the project was not being conducted.

The guidelines we produce from the information found through the VISTA project will be used to help doctors in the future. This may help improve care and reduce the number of patients dying or having serious problems from their injuries in the future.

VISTA protocol

Vascular Interventions and Surgery in Trauma Audit protocol

VISTA infographic

Vascular Interventions and Surgery in Trauma Audit infographic


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