Patient/Public Advisors for Injury Research (PAIR) is our main PPI group for informing C4TS led research 


Patient experience and perspectives are crucial for helping guide research, and patients play an important part in the translation and dissemination of findings.  

To this end, C4TS established PAIR in 2014, which started off as a six member group of patients and the public who met to guide the design of follow-on studies after our pilot study of cryoprecipitate in trauma haemorrhage. Bleeding accounts for 40% of all injury related deaths and improved understanding of transfusion practice for trauma haemorrhage, has the potential to save many more lives.

The group has since expanded with members from the AfterTrauma community, former Royal London Hospital Major Trauma Centre patients, and NHS Blood & Transplant (NHSBT) patient groups.

PAIR meets on an ad hoc basis as required at the Blizard Institute in London, and is in contact with researchers via email. 

PAIR activities

PAIR members have a wide range of responsibilities, including to:

  • identify research priorities
  • ensure C4TS study protocols are designed to measure outcomes considered important to patients and the public
  • provide feedback on the consent process for patient recruitment
  • contribute to and review grant applications, including producing plain English summaries
  • assist in writing some study materials eg Patient Information Sheets
  • enable patient/public membership of the Trial Steering Committee (supported by appropriate training)
  • provide input into the costing of patient involvement in projects
  • aid dissemination of information during studies, eg patient newsletters or blogs, website content
  • collaborate with us in sharing the results of studies more widely eg via social media and patient forums
  • ensure the findings are implemented into NHS trauma care practice through representing patient views in guidelines development 

How to get involved

We are always looking for more patients and interested members of the public to help us with our research. If you would like to join PAIR, or just want more information, please contact  Ross Davenport.


Join us!

Check out our guide to getting involved with our research, plus we have some easy to understand leaflets about what we do here. Interested in helping us? We'd love to hear from you!


ACIT 2000 patients celebration this summer

Our next public event will be held in September 2019 to mark the anticipated recruitment of our 2000th patient into the landmark study Activation of Coagulation and Inflammation in Trauma (ACIT). We'll be inviting former patients and the public to hear about the important contribution this research has made to the management of severely bleeding patients around the world. More info soon!

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