Clinical Animations

These short clinical animations aim to provide clinicians, nurses, and AHPs with the key priorities for managing common trauma presentations. The animations are not intended to replace local, national, or network guidance. These animations are intended to support trauma education and training and are freely available for LMTS staff and others.


This animation provides an overview of the key priorities for managing patients with Blunt Chest Wall Injuries.

For more information on blunt chest wall injuries, see our Rib Injury Tool Kit Here


This animation provides an overview of the key priorities for TBI patients who can potentially be managed without neurocritical or neurosurgical intervention (and for those repatriated to Trauma Units).

For more information on imaging brain injuries see the National Institute for Clinical Evidence (NICE) recommendations  Here

Discharging patients with mild TBI from the ED: A mild TBI with a 'negative CT scan' can still be associated with adverse symptoms and reduced physical/psychological function for a period of time after the injury. 

NICE guidance on Head Injury Assessment and Early Management and discharge advice can be found Here

HEADWAY (The Brain Injury Association) provides a range of resources for clinical staff, brain-injured patients and their families, which can be found Here

Vascular Injuries 

This animation covers the essential considerations for the early assessment and urgent treatment of patients with extremity vascular injuries - with or without bony involvement. 


Solid Organ Injuries 

This animation covers the essentials of solid organ injuries. 

These videos were funded by a Health Education England Urgent and Emergency Care Workforce Collaborative grant (2021).

Animation funding application and video development led by Elaine Cole. Thanks to Alex Wickham, Tim Eagan, Natalie Marroney, Alice Kershberg, Kevin Tsang, Mark Edwards, Chris Aylwin, Kate Hancorn, Paul Vulliamy and Karim Brohi for their help with the animation creation.



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