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C4TS haemorrhage research helps halve death rates at Royal London

October 20, 2017

On 15 October, the Sunday Mirror published a two page spread showing how the Royal London Hospital's (RLH) Code Red major haemorrhage protocol - the product of C4TS research - has helped halve death rates over 10 years.

Mirror journalists followed C4TS research fellows Jo Shepherd and Rich Carden as they responded to a seriously injured patient as part of the RLH trauma team.  The patient's injuries had triggered the hospital's Code Red major haemorrhage protocol, which clearly outlines best practice procedures in caring for trauma patients with life threatening blood loss.

The patient, Niall Lissenden, survived despite his crush injuries from a 38 ton lorry and a two week induced coma period in hospital. He told The Mirror he now wants to run a marathon for trauma research.

The Mirror quotes C4TS lead Professor Brohi:

"I spearheaded the protocol’s introduction, based on my team’s world leading research. In the last five years, the number of people who bleed to death from their injuries within 24 hours has declined by nearly half.

This is because the hospital introduced the Code Red protocol, improved the type and timing of blood products administered to patients, undertook earlier diagnostics and introduced damage control resuscitation surgery. All these innovations are the result of trauma research”.

The on-line version of the article also features a world first, 'first person view' virtual training video by Virtual Medics which shows how the Code Red Protocol is implemented in the Royal London.

Read the article in full here.

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