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2018 starts on strong footing for CRYOSTAT-2

January 8, 2018

2018 started on a strong footing for the CRYOSTAT-2 trial, the first national transfusion study in the UK since trauma networks were established. Since the trial commenced in July 2017,  7 sites have opened, 50 patients recruited and 14 other sites trained and waiting to open.

Over the trial’s 36 month duration, CRYOSTAT-2 aims to recruit 1568 severely bleeding trauma patients from each Major Trauma Centre (MTC) across the UK. C4TS European partners in the TACTIC study will also participate, as well as four trauma centres in the US.

One of the trials co-investigators, C4TS’s Dr Ross Davenport said “CRYOSTAT-2 is designed to answer a simple research question of whether the addition of early cryoprecipitate to the current standard of care Major Haemorrhage Protocol (MHP) improves survival from major trauma haemorrhage.

Cryoprecipitate is a frozen blood component prepared from plasma and rich in fibrinogen. By transfusing cryoprecipitate early to replace fibrinogen levels in bleeding trauma patients, we believe blood clots will be more stable, reducing bleeding and consequently the number of deaths.

Clinical trials manager Kiri Jefferies-Sewell from NHS Blood and Transplant added “We are very pleased with progress this far.  This is the first time every MTC has signed up to work together on a Randomised Control Trial and the enthusiasm and co-operation for this ground-breaking research so far has been fantastic.

“Improved transfusion practices have the potential to save millions of lives globally”.

CRYOSTAT-2 has its own website with more information for clinicians and patients.

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