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C4TS research featured on ITV’s This Morning show

February 6, 2018

 On 1st February, C4TS’s Dr Ross Davenport was featured on UK national television, ITV’s This Morning show.

Dr Ross Davenport was interviewed as part of a 5 minute feature on trauma and trauma research.

Dr Davenport discussed the Centre’s Cryostat-2 trial, CRYOSTAT-2 trial, the first national transfusion study in the UK since trauma networks were established.

Cryostat-2 will look into whether more lives can be saved through the early delivery of cryoprecipitate - a concentrated source of fibrinogen, which is a protein found in the blood that helps stop bleeding by forming blood clots. 

Dr Davenport explains the importance of the study:

“Bleeding is the only really preventable cause of death in trauma.  If we can get to the patient soon enough, and we can give products to stop the bleeding, then we can reverse that process”

“If this study is positive, it will show us that giving early and high doses of cryoprecipitate, the building blocks of the blood clot, we will actually save lives because it will stop that bleeding, and reduce the overall blood transfusion requirements for that patient”.

The feature starts by following the admission and treatment of a Road Traffic Collision patient enrolled into the trial at one of the participating sites, Saint George’s Major Trauma Centre. The segment can be viewed here

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