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Professor Brohi responds to Trump's 'ridiculous' opinions about guns

May 8, 2018

C4TS lead Professor Karim Brohi issued an official response to President Trump's speech to the National Rifle Association (NRA) on 3rd May.  In that speech, Trump referred to the level of knife related violence in London, implied the Royal London Hospital was awash with blood and suggested that providing easier access to guns would be a solution.

Professor Brohi said:

"Knife violence is a serious issue for London. We are proud of the excellent trauma care we provide and of our violence reduction programmes. The Royal London Hospital has cut the number of our young patients returning after further knife attacks from 45% to 1%.

"There is more we can all do to combat this violence, but to suggest guns are part of the solution is ridiculous. Gunshot wounds are at least twice as lethal as knife injuries and more difficult to repair. We are proud of our world-leading service and to serve the people of London."

Professor Brohi's statement was picked up by many media outlets, including the BBC.

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