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Professor Brohi speaks about lessons learned from London Bridge attacks

June 11, 2018

On the anniversary of the London Bridge terror attacks (June 3rd 2018), C4TS lead Professor Brohi spoke to the London Evening Standard about lessons learned in the aftermath of recent terrorist incidents and disasters.

Professor Brohi said that the clinical debriefs following the Westminster Bridge, London Bridge and Finsbury Park incidents found the NHS’s life-­saving system “worked very well”. Of almost 100 casualties admitted to hospital, only two died. But the need to provide support, often months after an incident, was one of the “big issues” to emerge from the reviews, he said.

“The magnitude of the psychological impact became apparent. We know some things now we either didn’t know before or we didn’t really appreciate. People need to be screened two or three months after the event has happened to see if they’re OK or exhibiting symptoms that may benefit from psychological support.”

Professor Brohi, who established London’s first major trauma network in response to the 7/7 bombings in 2005, added: “The processes we put in across London worked very well. Within each event there were things that could be improved or further developed. But the important thing was that the basic structure worked, and people survived when they got to hospital.”

The ES article can be read in full here.

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