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C4TS launches AfterTrauma recovery app

January 7, 2019

The AfterTrauma  recovery app, funded via a generous grant from Barts Charity, has been launched after two years of development.

The app is designed to help survivors of traumatic injury and their carers navigate what is often a difficult and long recovery process.  The app’s features include: 

  • A recovery tracker: Users fill out a short questionnaire every week or so that tracks different aspects of recovery (body, emotions, relationships, life/ services, confidence). This then generates a ‘flower’ where the petals grow or shrink to show how the user is progressing in each of these aspects.
  • A challenge builder. Here users can set goals and challenges to help them recover. There are some suggestions, but you can also set your own.
  • Rehab plan. Users can take a picture of their rehab plan so they can easily refer to it anytime.
  • Users can take personal notes and load pictures about their recovery. They can also share these with friends and family via social media and email.
  • There’s an information section which covers a wide variety of trauma-related topics.
  • There’s a chat room where users can connect with others recovering from traumatic injury, and share tips and support to help each other.

Screenshots of the main parts of the AfterTrauma recovery app

The app has been almost two years in development, and has been co-designed by C4TS and a group of enthusiastic trauma survivors and clinicians.

Although it has many useful functions, the app is still a prototype and we expect to continue to develop and refine the design and content in response to user feedback in the first half of 2019.

People can download the app for Android devices here, and for Apple iOS here.

We welcome all comments and feedback on the app to help us improve its usefulness for trauma survivors and carers!  Please send your thoughts and experiences to  

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