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The first Trauma Late of 2020

November 23, 2020

A piece from Finn Gunn, 5th TSCIPP student

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Trauma Late 1: An Introduction to Trauma

On the 5th November, we were thrilled to host our first Trauma Late of the academic year 2020/21! With over 160 attendees from all over the world, we were excited and humbled by the enthusiasm for trauma care and trauma sciences! Moreover, we were joined by some fantastic speakers who gave their perspective on key trauma topics.


First, we were honoured to have Dr Elaine Cole (the Director of Research and Innovation for the Pan-London Major Trauma System and Senior Lecturer in Trauma Sciences at the C4TS) talk to us about ‘Trauma and Trauma Systems’. Dr Cole introduced the epidemiology of traumatic injury, how the London Major Trauma System operates in a range of scenarios and much more!


Next, we were thrilled to hear Dr Ross Davenport (the Clinical Lead for Trauma Surgery at the RLH and a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the C4TS) discuss ‘Preventable Deaths in Trauma’. Utilising some poignant case studies, Dr Davenport highlighted how advances in trauma systems and patient care have saved a great number of patients from preventable death.


After the break, we were joined by Major Max Marsden (a Clinical Research Fellow at C4TS, General Surgical Registrar at RLH and Major within the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine). Major Marsden gave a fascinating talk on the surgical technique – REBOA. He discussed the principles, indications and evidence surrounding this fascinating intervention, wrapping it up with a real-life case study to contextualise his talk.


Finally, we were lucky to hear from Dr Scarlett Gillespie (the Clinical Trails Manager and Head of Public Engagement and Patient and Public Involvement) and Inova Lee (a Medical and TSCIPP Student). Dr Gillespie gave us a very helpful overview of the differences between PE and PPI, whilst discussing how they impact trauma care and trauma research. Inova Lee discussed her fantastic PPI project ‘Billy and his Blood Cells’ from her TSCIPP Year 2 project that she completed with Manasi Panshikar, providing paediatric trauma patients with a fun, educational tool during their hospital stay.


We received some great questions and feedback during the evening. The Trauma Late was a real success and we would like to thank our speakers and everyone who attended to make it such a fantastic event!

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