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CRYOSTAT-2 Results

October 12, 2023

CRYOSTAT-2 was a NIHR (HTA) and Bart's Charity funded trial to test whether giving early high dose cryoprecipitate to replace fibrinogen (a key clotting factor that is found to be low in bleeding trauma patients) reduced deaths after major haemorrhage.  It enrolled 1600 severely injured with life-threatening bleeding across the UK and in the USA, between 2017 and 2022. 

To our surprise, overall, there was no difference in mortality between those patients who got high dose cryoprecipitate and those who received standard of care. However, these results do fit with our current thinking that one-size fits all does not work for trauma patients, and we need to bring early diagnostic tests close to the patient to allow more precision approaches to treating severe bleeding. The findings can be found here and via the Cryostat-2 website here.

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