What is NaTRIC?

NaTRIC is the UK National Trauma Research and Innovation Collaborative. Our aim is to deliver high quality audit and research projects at a national level which will improve care of the injured.

We are the first truly multidisciplinary research collaborative in the UK. Anyone with an interest in the care of injured can get involved – nurses, paramedics, doctors from a number of specialties, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and more attended our inaugural research meeting in June 2018.

NaTRIC is a platform which will provide an opportunity for everyone with an interest in trauma research to get involved in high-quality projects. If you have a project idea and want to go beyond your hospital, NaTRIC can help. If you have a study which is ‘ready to go’ and need to involve other sites and investigators, NaTRIC can help.

If you have an idea and are not sure how to get the project up and running, NaTRIC can help.

What does NaTRIC do?

NaTRIC is a platform which will both develop studies from scratch and facilitate the roll out of studies which are ready to start.

NaTRIC will provide three main streams for project development:

Stream 1: Studies run by NaTRIC

These are studies presented at NaTRIC meetings and developed from conception to execution by the membership. Opportunities to get involved in both the design and delivery of these studies with be available to members.

Stream 2: Studies run through NaTRIC

Studies which have an established protocol and are in a position to immediately begin data collection. In these cases, NaTRIC will facilitate roll out of the study across sites within the UK trauma network to maximise recruitment and impact. Examples can be found in the current projects section.

Stream 3: Advice and support for study ideas

NaTRIC members linked to the Centre for Trauma Sciences will help develop early ideas for studies to a point where they can be presented to NaTRIC members at meetings and progess them to entry in Stream 1. Using our existing international network of leading academics involved in trauma research we will seek to link NaTRIC members to a suitable mentor to help refine the study and get through the relevant regulatory bodies (R&D, REC etc).

How NaTRIC will run?

There is no committee or regional leads - NaTRIC will be run by its members on a study-by-study basis. Biannual meetings in the spring and winter will be arranged, providing an opportunity to meet other members, present projects and brainstorm future ideas. It is important that the locations of these meetings reflect the national collaborative – please get in touch if you would like to host one.

Projects will require involvement of senior clinicians/researchers at each participating site – NaTRIC can help you establish contact with these people.

We are currently developing a communications platform to enable rapid interactions between members of the study group for each project.

Authorship model for NaTRIC studies

NaTRIC will adopt the model used by successful existing research collaboratives. A condition of any NaTRIC study will be that all contributors are recognised as citable authors on the published manuscript.

Studies developed by NaTRIC (streams 1 and 3) will have two tiers of authorship: a writing/steering group and a data collection group. These will be published ‘on behalf of NaTRIC’. We anticipate that studies run through NaTRIC (stream 2) will use an authorship model at the discretion of the lead investigator(s), with recognition of the NaTRIC collaborative in the author list.

How do I get involved?

Interested in getting involved in a project? Check out the current and upcoming NaTRIC projects on our Current Studies page and get in touch with the lead investigator.

If you want to present your idea at a NaTRIC meeting, get advice on setting up a study, or want to host a NaTRIC meeting, then please get in touch with us via the contacts below.

Contact us:     

Twitter:           @NaTRIC_Research 

Email:              na.tric@outlook.com


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