The North East London and Essex Trauma Network has a new website with lots of useful information which you can access Here.

The contacts for the North East London and Essex Trauma Network can be found in the fields below. The Network is comprised of The Royal London Hospital Major Trauma Centre and trauma units in the following hospitals:

Newham University Hospital

Whipps Cross Hospital

Queens Hospital

Basildon Hospital

Homerton University Hospital

North Middlesex Hospital

Southend Hospital

The Royal Free Hospital

Barnet Hospital

University College Hospital

The Whittington Hospital

Clinical Protocols and Guidance


  • The Royal London Hospital (RLH) MTC and other NELETN hospitals are involved in numerous research projects managed by the Centre for Trauma Sciences (C4TS). Click here to find out about the C4TS research program 

Trauma Talks

The Royal London Hospital arranges a regular series of dynamic talks on aspects of trauma care from roadside to rehabilitation, from leaders in their respective fields. You can watch them here.

Education, Training and Professional Development 

NELETN clinicians are engaged in providing the following educational and professional development opportunities in trauma care:

Clinical specialty or network groups

  • Network steering and governance group
  • Rehabilitation and therapies Network group
  • TARN Coordinators Network Group
  • Paediatric Network Group

Public and Patient Involvement

Patient involvement in NELETN research and policy development is co-ordinated via the AfterTrauma website


The Network produces a newsletter called Trauma Calls, some past editions can be downloaded below:

Issue 3

Issue 2

Issue 1


Network Director: Derek Hicks

Deputy Clinical Director: Alex Schueler

MTC Dlinical Director: Anne Weaver

Network Research Lead: Karim Brohi

Network Manager: Hannah Kosuge 

Network Lead Nurse: Anna Sweeney 

Network Coordinator: Andrea Smith 

Network Paediatric Lead: Meena Patel 

MTC Paediatric Leads: 

Breda O'Neill 

Naomi Edmonds

Network Rehabilitation Lead: Karen Hoffman

TTL: Adam Woodgate 

MTC Nursing Course: Gill Laird


Trauma leads for each trauma unit:

Newham University Hospital: Sarah Perkin

Whipps Cross Hospital: Dr Goran Ali

Queens Hospital: Salim Ghantous

Basildon Hospital: Saad Abdullah

Homerton University Hospital: Dr Tarun Taneja

North Middlesex Hospital: Dr Clara Oliver

Southend Hospital: Kuppuswamy Ravi

The Royal Free Hospital: Dr Nishal Amin

Barnet Hospital: Marta Sowa

University College Hospital: Dr Alex Schueler

The Whittington Hospital: Dr Nora Brennan



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