Trauma Rehabilitation Conference November 2016

Last Updated February 2016

The second national trauma rehabilitation conference was held in Birmingham on 1 November 2016. A summary of the day prepared by Professor Chris Moran can be downloaded here. You can download the individual papers presented below.

Conference program

Julie Royce and Nicole Skeltys NICE Major Trauma Guidelines and AfterTrauma

Victoria Le Grys and Annie Thornton Quality Trauma Discharge

Maralyn Woodford TARN Update

Professor Lynne Turner Stokes NCASRI Update

Karen Hoffman WHO ICF Core Set for Trauma Rehabilitation, Current National State of Rehabilitation Prescriptions

Karen Hoffman, in consultation with Grace Havard, Duncan Buckley, Kerry Staab, Shan Martin, Jo Horton What do patients want from a rehab prescription?

Helen Blakesley and Naomi Davis Northern Children's Rehabilitation Board

Trauma Rehabilitation Conference

Last Updated February 2016

The first national trauma rehabilitation conference was held in London on 3 February 2016.  You can download the papers presented below.

Conference program

Professor Chris Moran What Patients Tell Us

Alex Ball Rehabilitation Beyond the MTC

Alexis Joannides Integrating Data Collection and Analysis Across the Rehabilitation Pathway

Antoinette Edwards PROMS and TARN

Lynne Turner-Stokes Changing Rehabilitation Through Audit

Lynne Turner-Stokes Commissioning Specialist Rehabilitation

Hannah Farrell Acute Rehabilitation Prescription

John Etherington Preparing for a Mass Casualty Event

Karen Hoffman Measuring Outcomes in Trauma Rehabilitation

Proposed Flowchart for trauma outcomes assessment

Peter Le Feuvre Role of the AHP

Susan Hughes Supporting Return to Work After Brain Injury

Judith Allanson The Role of Rehabilitation Medicine

Patients and Carers' Conference Sept 2015

The UK's first trauma Patients and Carers' conference was held in Birmingham in September 2015.  You can read an overview of the day here.

Click here to download a summary of key learning points and agreed actions.