Supported Self Management for trauma survivors

The Centre for Trauma Sciences has received a grant to further improve the usefulness of AfterTrauma by using it to host an on-line supported Self-Management Program (SMP) for trauma survivors.

Supported self-management programs aim to educate people about their health condition and care, motivate them to care for themselves in the best possible way (eg coaching, goal setting), and provide them with techniques and tools to enable them to do that (eg connecting with peers).

There are lots of different models of SMPs, most of them for long term conditions such as chronic pain and diabetes.  You can read about many of them here. So far, there is only one on-line SMP set up specifically for survivors of multiple traumatic injuries, and that is Next Steps in America. In the UK, Bridges has developed an SMP for people with traumatic brain injuries.

The SMP is being co-produced with former trauma patients from across the UK.A group of 13 patients, mostly based in London, has been established but we are always looking for more contributors to help us work out what the content of an SMP should be, and how can we make the best use of web-based technology to help survivors and their families improve their recovery experience.  If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Nicole


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