The Centre for Trauma Sciences (C4TS) is a translational research institute based at the Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust. C4TS has developed the infrastructure and research programme to discover and translate improvements in trauma patient care from bench to bedside. 

Our Centre's structure comprises five central elements:

These elements work coherently to deliver across the research pathway and have been recognised as an effective platform for translational research by research funders and industry.

C4TS conducts research across all aspects of the severely injured patient's journey, from pre-hospital care to rehabilitation outcomes.  To date, our highest impact research has been into the acute response to injury, particularly discoveries and improvements in the care of severely bleeding patients. We conduct this work in the Royal London Major Trauma Centre, Europe's busiest trauma centre, and the Blizard Institute's world class laboratory facilities.

Our trauma research infrastructure was initially supported by an NIHR Programme Grant from 2008-2013 and significantly enhanced by Centre funding from Barts Charity from 2012-2015. This has generated follow on support from funders such as EU FP7, NIHR, Wellcome, UK/US Military and the pharma, biotech and device industries.

Our current funders:


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