Charlotte Lindsay

Clinical Research Fellow



I am a Clinical Research Fellow at the Centre for Trauma Sciences and Emergency Medicine Registrar in the East of England. I studied medicine at the Norwich Medical School and completed my foundation training in East Anglia before entering emergency medicine training where I discovered a love of paediatrics.

I completed the MSc in Trauma Sciences at Queen Mary University of London where I was struck by a lack of specific evidence to characterise the paediatric response to injury or guide management of trauma and haemorrhage in children. This inspired me to pursue a career in research and I joined the Centre for Trauma Sciences in 2019.  

My research focus is on understanding the coagulopathy of traumatic brain injury to aid diagnosis and identify potential new treatments to improve outcomes in these patients. I also have an interest in changes in coagulation and inflammation in children after injury.

I am currently the Associate PI for the centre’s Activation of Coagulation and Inflammation in Trauma (ACIT) study and have expanded the study to include children, creating one of the first paediatric trauma biobanks in the world.

In addition to my research, I have co-led on a public engagement module with the Centre’s Trauma Science and Care of the Injured Patient Programme' (TSCIPP) students where students develop and deliver public engagement activities to raise awareness of our research and inspire the next generation of scientists. 



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