Mr Chris Uff

Honorary senior lecturer at QMUL

I am a consultant neurosurgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust.

I am head of neurotrauma and neurovascular surgery at the Royal London Hospital, with a supra-specialist interest in neurovascular surgery including brain aneurysms, arterio-venous malformations, cavernomas (i.e. clusters of abnormal blood vessels mainly found in the brain and spinal cord) and the surgical management of stroke. After general medical and basic surgical training in the North West and East of England, I have practiced Neurosurgery across London since 2003. Since starting at The Royal London in 2014 I have led the neurovascular service and developed the neurotrauma team, with a special interest in the management of severe head injury.

I worked at the optical and ultrasound physics department at the Institute of Cancer Research as a PhD student from 2008 – 2011 and continue to develop my experience in intraoperative ultrasound and interest in developing novel ultrasound techniques. My other research interests include microvascular brain blood flow imaging and the pathophysiology and genetics of head injury.



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