Dr Henry De'Ath

Honorary Lecturer

I am a Consultant in Upper GI and General Surgery, and an Honorary Clinical Lecturer in trauma at the C4TS. 

I completed a PhD at the C4TS and QMUL investigating the effects of trauma on the heart.

 I have a continued research interest in TISCI (Trauma Induced Secondary Cardiac Injury) and post-injury organ dysfunction.  

In particular, to further understand the mechanisms of these and establish therapeutic interventions designed to improve outcome.

In addition, I continue to participate in other aspects of trauma, Upper GI and General Surgery research.  I have a passion for education, both in the clinical and university settings, as well as an interest in humanitarian surgery and healthcare"

Research interests:

My main research interest lies in attempting to better understand TISCI (Trauma Induced Secondary Cardiac Injury).  In particular, to explore further the pathophysiological mechanisms that lead to the condition, and ultimately to establish management strategies designed to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with TISCI. 


email: henryde-ath@doctors.org.uk

    Publications include: 

    Intraosseous access in the resuscitation of trauma patients: a literature review
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    Joseph Antony Tyler, Zane B Perkins, Henry D De'Ath

    CT screened arterial calcification as a risk factor for mortality after trauma
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    Henry D De'Ath, Kathryn Oakland, Karim Brohi

    Early changes within the lymphocyte population are associated with the development of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome in trauma patients
    Critical care (2016)
    Joanna Manson, Elaine Cole, Henry D De'Ath, Karim Brohi

    Obese patients have similar short-term outcomes to non-obese in laparoscopic colorectal surgery
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    Manish Chand, Henry D De'Ath, Muhammed Rafay Siddiqui, Tahseen Qureshi

    The role of inflammation in secondary cardiac dysfunction following trauma
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