Dr Jan Jansen

Honorary Senior Lecturer

I am a consultant in general surgery and intensive care medicine at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Scotland.

In addition to my surgical duties, I am also an honorary clinical senior lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, and an NRS (NHS Research Scotland) fellow, affiliated with the Health Services Research Unit. I  also work, part time, as an honorary consultant trauma surgeon, at St Mary's Hospital in London.

My undergraduate training took place in London. I subsequently moved to Scotland for my postgraduate general surgical training, and also completed clinical fellowships in trauma surgery in Johannesburg, and critical care medicine in Toronto.

My research interests are in the organisation of trauma care, with particular reference to the effects of geography, and trauma resuscitation.

Currently, my major project is "A Geospatial Evaluation of Systems of Trauma Care for Scotland" - a programme of research to determine a geospatially optimised configuration of trauma system for Scotland, balancing the conflicting objectives of accessability and specialist care. The project draws on a combination of prospective pre-hospital data collection, travel time  analysis, whole-system mathematical modelling, and multi-objective optimisation.


email: jan.jansen@abdn.ac.uk

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