Dr Jeremy Henning

Intensive Care Medicine Consultant

I am a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine in the British Army, currently working in North East England. I am a veteran of many operational tours from the Balkans to the Gulf and Afghanistan, serving on the ground as a general duties doctor, in the air on the MERT and at the Field Hospital as both Intensivist and Medical Director. I am currently serving as the Defence Consultant in Critical Care and Defence Senior Lecturer in Intensive Care.

It believe that the system of trauma care is the key to improving survival, and this begins at point of wounding (if not before) and doesn’t end until the casualty is back at work. All elements of this came together in recent conflicts, and we need to ensure we do this in our civilian practice as well. I also believe that fundamental to patient survival is to avoid error, so we need to ensure our system is geared up to ensuring quality care throughout.

I carry out basic research using a human volunteer model of hypovolaemia, and write extensively about ethics in military healthcare. I have an extensive educational portfolio to medical students to masters, and have co-authored a text book on Pre-Hospital Anaesthesia.

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