Dr Johanna Wall

Clinical Research Fellow

I am one of several research fellows at the Centre for Trauma Sciences. My background is in clinical medicine and I developed an interest in trauma research during the early years of my surgical training.

I am now in the second year of my PhD programme with the Centre for Trauma Sciences. My project is focussed upon investigating the effects of injury and blood loss on the heart and specifically the development of Trauma-Induced Secondary cardiac Injury (TISCI).

Previous research conducted at C4TS has identified a secondary cardiac injury, which may occur in patients after severe trauma. We need a better understanding of the mechanisms that are involved in the development of this cardiac injury, which leads to adverse cardiac events and poorer long-term outcomes for patients who have survived severe injury.

Research interests

A Trauma Induced Secondary Cardiac Injury (TISCI) has been identified which is associated with worse outcomes in trauma patients. A previous pilot study using a small animal model of trauma haemorrhage revealed the presence of vacuolation within cardiomyocytes. This suggests that as soon as one hour post trauma and the onset of hypotension secondary to blood loss there are cellular changes which may represent cardiac damage and potentially herald the onset of organ dysfunction.

Using imaging techniques such as cardiac single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and ultrasound, I aim to characterise the underlying mechanisms and the physiological consequences of TISCI in our small animal model. Cardiac SPECT will be used to assess for regional perfusion differences in the myocardium after trauma haemorrhage and also in conditions of haemorrhage alone. Along with cardiac ultrasound, SPECT will also enable us to assess cardiac performance after a period of trauma haemorrhage. This may be a first step in better understanding the cardiac complications which lead to increased morbidity and mortality in our trauma patients.

I am also involved in the ACIT project.


email: johanna.wall@doctors.org.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 203 594 0731

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