Dr Jonathan Morrison

Honorary Lecturer

I am a General Surgical Registrar in my final years of training in the West of Scotland.

Dr Morrison is affiliated with both the Academic Unit of Surgery at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, UK, and The Academic Department of Military Surgery and Trauma, Royal Centre for Defense Medicine, Birmingham, UK. He graduated from Edinburgh University in 2004 and has developed a significant interest in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. This has developed from experience gained in a variety of countries including New Zealand and South Africa. He is also a Major in the British Army Reserve Forces and has deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan. Most recently, in his capacity as a Military Research Fellow, he has completed a PhD titled "Endovascular Hemorrhage Control in Torso Trauma", which was undertaken in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Morrison has a keen research interest into the fields of hemorrhage control and resuscitation. His longer term aim is to train in Vascular Surgery with a subspecialty interest in Trauma Surgery.

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