Miss Joanna Manson

Surgeon, Post-doctoral researcher and Fulbright Scholar, Jo’s interest is the innate immune response to traumatic injury and its influence on patient recovery. Her PhD work identified an association between early immune cell responses and the development of multiple organ failure. This initiated new lines of investigation for the group, in the search for new therapeutic strategies to optimise trauma patient recovery.

Jo trained at Imperial College (St Mary’s Medical School) London and continues her General and Vascular Surgery training in the London Deanery.  She developed an interest in trauma care during medical school and recognised the need for improved provision of trauma services in the UK. She spent six months working in a trauma unit in Cape Town, South Africa to gain additional trauma experience and holds a PhD in Trauma Science. During her Fulbright Year, Jo worked at the Level 1 trauma centre UPMC Presbyterian, in Pittsburgh USA, conducting research in Professor Tim Billiar’s Lab. Using a murine model, she investigated the innate-like lymphocytes and their response to traumatic injury. This again opened up new lines for investigation and collaboration.


Inaugural RCS of England Fulbright Scholars Award 2012-13

RCS of England & Philip King Charitable Trust Research Fellowship 2011-12

Teaching & Public Engagement

Jo is a tutor for the department’s Msc in Trauma Sciences and an ATLS Instructor. She has successfully mentored MSc , BSc and medical student projects. She now supervises a PhD student. A supporter of public engagement, she helped devise and deliver exhibits for The Royal Society Summer Fair, The Big Bang in Birmingham and The Moscow Science Exhibition 2011. 

Personal interests

Outside of work, Jo enjoys dancing, swimming, yoga, cycling and kite-surfing. She has travelled extensively and has a young family.

Contact: joanna.manson@gmail.com

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