Mark Wilson

Honorary Lecturer

I am a Consultant Neurosurgeon and Pre-Hospital Care Specialist working at both Imperial College (mainly St Mary's Major Trauma Centre) and on London's Air Ambulance.

My specialist areas are acute brain injury (mostly traumatic brain injury) and its very early management. I passionately believe that early intervention is key to preventing secondary injury, for both cranial and spinal injuries. My main research uses hypoxia as a model of brain injury and to improve our understanding of basic physiological principals that we subsequently use in the acute and intensive care setting. 

I underwent self imposed prolonged training as an anaesthetist and a GP before my neurosurgical career, and I still like to maintain a broad medical interest.

I have worked extensively overseas (India, Nepal, South Africa, as a GP in Australia, Researcher for NASA and as an expedition doctor on Arctic and Everest expeditions). I wrote The Medics Guide to Work and Electives Around the World and manage I also specialise in IT (having developed a number of web based referral systems).

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