Mr Chris Aylwin

Senior Lecturer Trauma Sciences

Senior Lecturer in Trauma Sciences

I joined the Centre for Trauma Sciences and Barts Health in January 2022 as co-Course Director of the Trauma Sciences MSc and the Royal London Hospital as a Consultant Trauma Surgeon.

I studied medicine at the London and trained in general and vascular surgery in the North East Thames Deanery. I had fellowships in trauma in Cape Town for a year and vascular surgery at St Thomas' Hospital. I was appointed as a Consultant Vascular and Trauma Surgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in 2013 and became the Head of Specialty for Major Trauma in 2016 until my departure in late 2021. I have been an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College since 2014.

I have a Masters in Clinical Education from the Institute of Education and have been the principal investigator for several studies at Imperial, including Cryostat-2, MODET, UK-REBOA.

I aim to develop take the MSc further and to expand the scope of trauma education across both the medical school and the Major Trauma Centre.

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