Colonel Nigel Tai CBE

Honorary Professor of Trauma Surgery & Innovation

I am a consultant trauma and vascular surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust, and UK Defence Medical Service 

I am a British Army surgeon who has worked at the Royal London Hospital as a consultant Trauma and Vascular Surgeon since 2006. I’ve been fortunate to lead high performing teams with Defence Medical Services and in Barts Health NHS Trust, and have used  experiences in both settings to inform my research interests. These include the management of major haemorrhage, decision-making, and the use of AI technology to support trauma clinicians. I lead the NHS Major Trauma Training Interface Group Fellowship programme and am a Reader in Military Surgery and Trauma in the department of Research and Clinical Innovation at HQ Defence Medical Services.



Selected Publications in Scientific Literature:

Identification of major hemorrhage in trauma patients in the prehospital setting: diagnostic accuracy and impact on outcome. Wohlgemut JM, Pisirir E, Stoner RS, Kyimi E, Christian M, Hurst T, Marsh W, Perkins ZB, Tai NRM. Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open 2024;9: e001214. doi: 10.1136/tsaco-2023-001214.

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