Dr Paul Vulliamy

I joined C4TS in October 2015 as a clinical research fellow and PhD student, taking time out of my training in general surgery. I am now a clinical lecturer in trauma sciences and specialist registrar in general surgery. I took up my current position after completing my PhD in the group in 2018.

My primary research focus is on the role of platelets in the pathophysiology of acute traumatic coagulopathy and post-injury organ dysfunction. I have a particular interest in the immunomodulatory roles of platelets, the mechanisms of damage sensing by platelets, and the behaviour of transfused platelets during major haemorrhage.

In addition to my research activities, I co-ordinate medical student placements within the group and I am the co-lead of the Haemorrhage and Coagulopathy module of the Trauma Sciences MSc. I am also co-principal investigator of the ACITII study, our platform observational study, and a founding member of the National trauma research and innovation collaborative (NaTRIC). I participate regularly in our public engagement activities, and run outreach events through the Blizard Institute which support young people from the local community to get involved in scientific and clinical careers.


email: p.vulliamy@qmul.ac.uk

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