Mr Pete Bates

Honorary senior lecturer at QMUL

I’m an orthopaedic trauma surgeon, at the Royal London Hospital and head of orthopaedic trauma. 

My specialist interest is pelvic fractures and the management of polytrauma.  I trained around North East London but did trauma fellowships in Christchurch (NZ), Nottingham (UK) and Dallas (Tx, USA).

Likes:     Fixing broken bones of all varieties but especially pelvises; Teaching; Sci-fi; Pies; Mtn bikes; LOL’ing; General rudeness

Dislikes:  Pickled, cubed beetroot and coleslaw (school made us eat that stuff – I never quite recovered – I think it was the salad cream); people who collect stuff in their beards; people who collect pickled, cubed beetroot/coleslaw in their beards.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Clinical Lead for orthopaedics
  • Lead for orthopaedic trauma, Barts Health
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedic Trauma Sciences, QMUL
  • BOTA Trainer of the Year, 2014
  • Trainer, trauma liaison, teacher, mentor, moron and all round good bloke



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