Tina Gaarder

Tina Gaarder is Director of Trauma and consultant General/GI/Trauma Surgeon at Oslo University Hospital (OUH) Ulleval in Norway. After additional trauma training from Johannesburg, she initiated and developed the currant formal Trauma Service in Oslo, with extensive responsibilities administratively, clinically, for the institutional trauma quality improvement program, and in education both at OUH, nationally and internationally. She has deployed twice with the Armed Forces and is involved in military trauma training since 1997. 

Her PhD from 2007 was mainly on trauma epidemiology and abdominal injuries, but research involvement has extended to other trauma related areas like quality improvement and massive bleeding/resuscitation. She is heavily involved in the development of a regionalised trauma system in Norway. She was one of the responsible surgeons at OUH receiving all the severely injured patients from the MCIs on July 22nd 2011.

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